Top 7 English YouTubers That Will Help You Learn English with YouTube in 2020

Top 7 English YouTubers That Will Help You Learn English with YouTube in 2020

Top 7 English YouTubers That Will Help You Learn English with YouTube in 2020

Learning a foreign language can be hard without the right English language learning platform or without living in an English speaking country; fortunately, you can learn English with YouTube in 2020 with the following Englis YouTubers. Thanks to modern life and the invention of the internet and YouTube, you can follow English YouTube lessons to learn English – whether you’re a total beginner or at an advanced level!

If you want to learn English on YouTube, we’ve compiled 7 of the best English YouTubers to help you pick up some new words and learn English grammar – all from the comfort of your own home.

1. Rachel’s English

If you’re looking for an English YouTuber that speaks American English in a clear, easy to understand way, then Rachel’s English is for you. When people are looking to learn English with YouTube, they often come across her channel since she’s so popular. She has excellent pronunciation that is especially helpful to new English learners. 

Visit her channel and try out one of your first English YouTube lessons!

2. English with Lucy

If you’re planning on visiting the United Kingdom, this is one of the best English YouTubers to help you sound like a native when you speak English. Not only does Lucy provide excellent English lessons on YouTube, she also gives you tons of character-building tips like how to be more confident when you speak English.

If you want to learn English on YouTube, try English with Lucy – you’ll learn tons fo English!

3. BBC Learn English

If you’re looking to perfect your English pronunciation and learn from the world-renown BBC, visit their channel to Learn English on YouTube! BBC makes it easy to learn English with YouTube – everything is categorized so you can pick which areas you’d like to focus on at any level.

BBC has plenty of great resources! Start learning English with their YouTube channel now.

4. Mister Duncan

If you want to learn from an experienced teacher who has millions of views on YouTube, try Mister Duncan. Mister Duncan has taught in China and now helps people all over the world learn English with YouTube. He makes learning English on YouTube a unique and fun experience – you may even find him wearing funny costumes!

Learn English on YouTube the easy way with Mister Duncan. See his channel now!

5. VOA Learn English

If you’re a complete beginner in English and want to emphasize the American accent, this YouTube channel will help you learn English. In fact, it’s designed to be an entire year course! You have 52 weeks of excellent content so that you can learn English on YouTube. The pronunciation is slow, the word choice is basic and the content is engaging.

If you’re new to learning English and would like to learn English on YouTube, try VOA Learn English.

6. Daily English Conversation

Do you want to hear how English is actually spoken by native speakers? Then this is the YouTube channel to help you learn English (if you want a full course with real English speakers, click here). As the title suggests, these English YouTubers will provide you with a conversation in English so you can practice every day.

Learn how English is actually spoken; listen in on real conversations with Daily English Conversation now!

7. Real English

Similar to the previous channel, Real English often interviews people on the street so that you develop an ear for how real native English speakers talk. Real English makes it easy to learn English on YouTube – each video is on a different topic that will help you improve your English. This channel is especially great for those with moderate or advanced English skills.

Want to see how real English sounds? Visit this English YouTuber now!

Find Your Favorite English YouTubers Now and Start to Learn English on YouTube

Now that we’ve given you seven great English YouTubers it’s up to you to put in the effort! Click through each of the English learning channels and find the one you like best. Each one has its strengths: from pronunciation to utilizing real conversations with native speakers to using American English or British English. No matter which English accent you’re looking to learn, there are plenty of resources online for you to improve your English. 

If you want to learn English as a complete beginner or build your current level of English, there’s no better place to learn than on YouTube. It’s easy – and free – to learn English with YouTube.