The Little-Known Pros and Cons of Learning English Online

The Little-Known Pros and Cons of Learning English Online

The Little-Known Pros and Cons of Learning English Online

If you want to know how to learn English at home and learn English online, you first need to realize there are some major benefits (pros) but also some drawbacks (cons), too. When you learn English online, you can end up learning more than a traditional in-person setting and save money along the way. However, you need to understand that in order to be a successful English learner online, you must stay focused and be motivated.

With that being said, let’s go over the pros and cons of learning English online.

The Pros of Learning English Online

There are many advantages to learning English online. Technology has come a long way, and consequently, so have platforms and programs to learn English online. Here are some reasons why you should learn English online.

1. You Can Learn English At Home

Instead of having to drive or take public transportation to a private lesson or school, you can learn English at home – from the comfort of your couch, your bedroom or office. This makes learning English more comfortable and private.

2. You Can Practice Speaking Aloud With No Shame

Since you’ll likely be at home when you learn English online, you have nothing to worry about. You can repeat new words 50 times aloud until you finally get the right pronunciation – and that’s OK! There’s nobody but you when you learn English from home.

3. There Are Plenty of Helpful Resources to Learn English Online

It can be overwhelming when you first research how to learn English from home because there are so many options. From various software programs, to books, to ePlatforms like ours, to YouTube and more, there are plenty of options to learn English online. 

4. You Can Save Money By Not Paying for Tuition or an English Class

This is a major pro to learning English online: you’ll save lots of money! An English course can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars when you attend university or use a local English teacher. But, when you learn online, you can pay as little as a few dollars each month.

5. Learning English Online May Be More Effective Than Traditional Methods

Since many programs are developed with top learning acquisition practices in mind, you’ll be better equipped when you learn English from home. That means you’ll learn how to speak English faster than traditional methods because the amount of research and technology put into online learning platforms is made to teach learners in the best ways.

The Cons of Learning English Online

As we’ve discussed, there are plenty of benefits to learning English on the computer. But, if you’re not motivated or need someone by your side, learning English online can be difficult.

1. You Must Be – And Stay – Motivated to Learn English

The amount you learn English online really depends on your willingness to learn. In other words, for your online English learning experience to be successful, you must be motivated. And you can’t just be motivated at the start; you need to stay motivated throughout your English learning experience to truly learn English. Staying motivated is what takes a novice English speaker to a fluent English speaker. It’s easier said than done, but try to maintain your love for learning English.

2. Nobody Is There to Help You On-Demand

Unlike having a personal English tutor, there’s nobody there to help answer all your questions when you learn online (though, here at Languages Point, we offer the ability to add a tutor via Skype to your learning package. Learn more here). If you’re the type who needs someone to answer questions constantly, you can mitigate this by hiring an online English tutor.

3. The Most Effective Learning Programs Aren’t Free

You can use YouTube and watch movies on Netflix, but for most, you’ll need to use a learning platform or software like Duolingo or Babbel (but even then, you must pay to use their premium features), or ours here at Languages Point developed by world-renown MacMillan. However, free programs can serve as supplements to enhance your English learning program.

The Pros Far Weight Out the Cons When It Comes to Learning English Online

If you want to learn English at home, we highly recommend that you do since you can ave money by learning English at home and also learn more effectively with professionally developed software that enhances the learning process. There are some cons, but if you’re a motivated person who can learn independently, we highly recommend you learn English at home.