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Learning English doesn't need to be difficult! We make it easy to learn English with our ePlatform developed by MacMillan (a world-renowned publisher for English learners.)

  • Developed for ALL Levels. Our English learning platform is made for all - from beginners to advanced. The platform helps lay an English foundation, and also help refine more complex grammar issues for advanced speakers.
  • 5,000 Learning Activities. The best way to learn English is by practicing! Whether you need help with speaking, listening, reading or all, we have thousands of activities to help.
  • Excellent for Exam Prep and Work. Need to learn English to advance your career? Have important tests to take? Our English Learning platform will help!

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Access to our English Learning ePlatform 

No matter what level you are – from beginner to advanced – MacMillan English Campus will help you improve your English capabilities. That means no more awkward “uhhms” as you struggle to find the words in English and passing exams (including TOEFL, KET, PET, FCE, CAE and more!)

Why Choose Our ePlatform?

  • Your Very Own Login to Our ePlatform. With access to more than 5,000 resources such as listening, speaking, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation ()
  • 6 Levels. A1 Base to C2 Professional
  • General English and Business English, English for academia and also preparations for exams
  • Weekly Articles and News from the Financial Times and The Guardian. Learn from real sources. The )
  • Online Dictionary

Unlike other ePlatforms, the ePlatform we have developed here at Languages Point is fully interactive, helping learners of all levels to improve their English abilities. We incorporate activities that incorporate all the language learning senses: listening, speaking, writing reading and pronunciation. 

Real-World Context

Many language learners often struggle to get their feet off the ground. This is mostly due to no motivation to learn or lack of interest in the material. That's not the case with our ePlatform! When you use Language Point's ePlatform, you have the option to filter through 5,000 different activities that include real sources like The Guardian and The The Financial Times. Instead of learning about useless concepts and topics, our platform focuses on what matters. 

Fully Interactive + Feedback

As mentioned, there are OVER 5,000 resources for you to improve your English with! Whether you want to take a full-spectrum approach and tackle all types of exercises, or want to specifically improve a target area (i.e. your accent, comprehension of spoken English, etc.), our English learning platform makes learning English your way possible! The great thing about the activities is you also get feedback so you know what you missed. Learning from mistakes is the best way to learn! 

Advanced Levels and Exam Prep

While there are many other English learning software programs, they often cater to just one type of learner: beginners. Our platform is different. You can sort out activities by level so that you're challenged. As with many other things, learning English requires 'progressive overload'. You're not going to improve your language skills if you don't push yourself a little bit each day (which is the problem of many other English learning platforms - they only cater to beginners). Whether you're just starting out, have an intermediate knowledge or are looking to master your language learning capabilities, our platform can help catapult your language learning efforts forward!

Pronunciation Feature

Don't just speak without direction - gauge your accent with Languages Point's unique pronunciation feature! With our platform, you get instant feedback on your pronunciation in the English language. While speaking with a native English speaker is ideal to optimize your English accent, sometimes that' not always feasible. Plus, it can be embarrassing to try speaking for the first time! Our ePlatform gives you 'training wheels' to help you perfect your accent before you go out speaking in English in the real world. There's no better place to practice your pronunciation than in the comfort of your own home. 

Since this is our most basic package, you get access to the ePlatform for one month. That's a lot of value for very little cost!


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