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Are you serious about your English studies? If so, invest in this package! You will receive a personal tutor who helps answer your English questions, as well as a bi-weekly progress report to keep you motivated!

  • Get a Personal Tutor. Our tutors are trained to help you improve your overall comprehension of English. They will provide you with valuable resources and explanations to make sense of confusing topics.
  • Bi-weekly Progress Reports. To help you stay focused and assess your strengths and weaknesses, we will provide you with a report twice a month.
  • ePlatform with 5,000 Activities. Our ePlatform is designed to help you learn English from every angle. Whether you struggle with speaking, reading, writing, or listening, we've got several activities to help you!

Are you ready to take your English to the next level? We'll set you up with a tutor whenever you're ready. Order now!



Need a Helping Hand to Learn English? Invest in a Personal Tutor!

As you probably already know, learning English can open all kinds of opportunities for you: from going to university to landing your dream job, to being able to communicate with more people. It's an important language to learn! That's why we want to help you improve your English - 100% online with our platform.

But, one thing we noticed is that the platform can be a little impersonal for some people. If you want a real human being to interact with a few times a week, this is the package for you. Whether you need help with a specific activity or want the answer to a burning question you have about English, our tutors are here to help.

What Does Our 'Personal Tutor' Package Include?

  • 5,000 Resources on Our ePlatform. We have all kinds of activities on our platform to help you better your level of English. Whether you'd like to improve your listening, speaking, reading or writing skills, our ePlatform makes it easy and fun to learn English.
  • Exam Preparation (We'll Help You Get Your Cambridge Certification). Whether you need to brush up on your English language skills for a university exam or need to pass the KAT or other English language exams, our platform is designed to help you out.
  • Bi-weekly Progress Reports. The bi-weekly progress reports our tutors generate will help you keep track of your learning progress. It's easier to see where you need to improve when you look over your bi-weekly progress reports. Additionally, they serve as a motivating factor to keep pushing you to learn English.
  • Weekly Communication with a Tutor. With this package, you'll be assigned to a tutor who can help answer your questions when you need it. If you're having a difficult time understanding or pronouncing a word, they will connect you with the right resources or answer your question directly to facilitate your English learning.
  • Recommended for those Who Struggle with Motivation. If you find it hard to make time and study, this is the package for you! You'll learn much more with a personal tutor to guide you along.

Bi-weekly Reports on Your English Learning Progress

The amazing thing about this package is you'll see exactly how you're progressing two times per month. One of our tutors will create a progress report so you can see what you're doing great in and what you need to improve. The progress report serves two purposes: 1. It motivates you if you're not progressing at the rate you'd like. Holding yourself accountable and improving the following weeks will ensure you hit your English learning target. 2. Progress reports allow you to see where you're strong and weak so you know where to improve and what your strong-suit is.

Messages from a Helpful Tutor 

Our tutors will ensure you're on the right track and keeping up with your language learning goals. Additionally, if you have a question, you can send a message to your tutor and he/she will give you a custom reply that helps you understand the topic.

Note: this service doesn't mean you have access to lessons. You will be able to message the tutor a few times a week. He/she will explain a topic further and provide weblinks to help clarify a topic.For personal lessons via Skype, order our "Blended Lessons" package, which combines weekly lessons with our ePlatform.

Improves Comprehension of English Grammar & Vocabulary 

The basics of English grammar are easy for many language learners since there aren't many verb conjugations. But then - things get tricky. You may ask yourself things like, "what's the difference between a quotation mark and an apostrophe," or "is there a subjunctive tense in English? How do I use it?" When you ask these types of questions, our tutors will help explain so that it's easier for you to learn English.

Customized English Course

Just like in our 'Customized e-Course' package, you'll benefit from a customized course created by one of our teachers. Learning English on your own can be overwhelming, which is why our teachers will provide structure and give you the tools needed to learn English better. If you need to improve your marketing vocabulary and have a B2 level of English, for example, our teachers will take that into consideration and create something highly effective.

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Gain access to our ePlatform with 5,000 activities to help you improve your English.


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